(coating, finishing/ impregnation)


Coating: Substances (paste) on top of the material only

One sided (low add-on) / both sides (event.different subst.)

Only a rough idea of possibilities is given. Many others are on the market for special requests. The delivery scope of TIMATEC you find in the various and leaflets

Kiss coating system:



Single roll system
Dip roller has tangential contact with material.
For low viscosity fluids only


Reverse roll coater:



2 roll system, application roller
rotates opposite to material direction. Dosing between roller 1 and 2. Appl. Roller with contact to the surface of material

Rotary screen coating:



Screen coating with paste or foam
Screen to screen –same, but
Both sides at a time
Special squeegee needed for foam


Screen to screen


Knife on air:



For low amounts
Amount of appl. Depends on material surface, viscosity of paste, and the working geometrics (knife,angle…)
Common technique

Knife over roll:



Appl. depends on the distance between surface of the roller and knife edge (- thickness of material, very precise backup roller and knife are needed  (cost)
Common technique


Rubber conveyor coating:



Similar effect as the Knife on air coating, but with rubber backup conveyor support for better evenness of application

Double face coating:



Both sides at the same time.
Dip- or spread paste supply,
Two knifes as knife on air


Foulard / Mangle:



Dip/squeeze system
Widely used for impregnation purposes





Bottom roller dips into the pad (fluid)
Top roller presses-in. Appl one-sided or with full penetration.
The Mangle also can be used as Padder


Spray system:



Several spray units accross the width, eventually oscillating or revolving

Rotary screen PASTE DOT coating:

For Interlinings and lamination
Waterbased hotmelt preparation
Various dot-arrangements are used



Powder coating:



Tank above a engraved roller, Rotating brush for Application.
Hot air melting oven needed





Extruder hot melt coating
No dryer needed
For instance “Tetrapack”

and others . . .